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This is the world's first "programmable" backpack that is as unique as you!

We are excited to share with you the world's first “programmable” backpack that allows the wearer to share information through their pack dynamically and at will. Users with the LOOks app will be able to retrieve that information from your fabric by just pointing their phone at it (LOOking) from distances up to 30ft away.

Owning and Connecting Your Pack - Follow These Steps:

Step 1:  Search for “AFFOA LOOKS” in the Apple store or Google Play and download the app to your smartphone


Step 2:  Login with Facebook or Google

Step 3:  Complete your profile information as follows (this information will be displayed through your pack so only include information you want to share. It doesn’t need to identify you and you can change it at any moment)


    • Avatar - Select a bitmoji or image from your camera roll
    • Display Name (type your first name here – or any text string)
    • Today’s Motto (inspiration or any statement you would like to share)
    • Profile Image
    • Website
    • Song of the Day
    • Thumbnail Photo
    • Share at least one of your social media or email contact (press the private button near it)


Step 4:  Claim your pack by pressing on the + on the top of the Profile screen. Scan the QR code on the hangtag.


Interesting fun facts about LOOks:

The Looks backpack is based on a “Made in America” coded fabric.

It is a programmable pack of which only one of each is made.  Each owner has a unique pack!

Unlike on-line social networks, LOOks operates in real-life space facilitating information sharing with people you just met.  It is particularly useful for connecting people in conferences and large gatherings.

It protects your privacy by allowing you to completely control the information your pack displays. For example, you do not need to display any information that identifies you personally, you can also change your pack displayed content by updating your profile

The programmable packs are a product of fabric innovation coming out of AFFOA and SC manufacturing at Inman mills. It is a truly advanced fabric!

The future, however, is very much ahead of us. While we have some ideas about what this programmable backpack can be, we are really looking to you to help discover its uses if you are interested in receiving updates and connecting with the development team please go to: http://looksapp.affoa.org or email looks@affoa.org.

Stop clicking and start LOOKING :)


About Advanced Functional Fabrics of America

AFFOA is a DoD backed non-profit and a member of the Manufacturing USA network. AFFOA’s mission is to transform fabrics into high-tech platforms capable of delivering value added services for commercial and national security applications. AFFOA is building a domestic manufacturing capability in advanced fabric by realizing a “Moore’s law” for fibers whereby fibers become highly sophisticated devices enabling fabrics that see, hear, sense, communicate, change color, and store energy.